Generation VI                 Parent                                                                         

Barbara Joy McClanahan                          
b. 1947                                 

Barbara was born in Stratford, Ontario and at a week old was adopted by Thomas and Mabel McClanahan. She attended both Public and High School in Drayton, Ontario and took a one year course at Lougheed Business College in Kitchener, Ontario. Upon graduation in l965, she then worked at the Drayton Royal Bank. On June 24, 1967, she married Robert and moved to Norwood, Ontario where Robert already operated a broiler chicken business. Barbara worked at Guaranty Trust in Peterborough, Ontario until their son Jeffrey was born on November 30, 1969. Since then she has remained at home helping on the farm. Their daughter Julie was born June 05, 1973. Today they continue to operate their broiler chicken business, also a shavings/sawdust business and farm 320 acres with the help of Jeffrey. Barbara is involved in her church and the Norwood Agricultural Fair.
Robert was born in Palmerston, Ontario and raised on a farm outside Moorefield, Ontario until he purchased a broiler chicken farm in Norwood, March 1966.

Jeffrey Paul Bailey b. 1969                
Julie Dawn Bailey b. 1973                        

(Barbara Bailey, May, 2005)
Robert Murray Bailey
b. 1944
The Loghrin Family History
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