The Loghrin Family History
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Generation VI        Parent

Frances Mildred Loghrin                                Allan Murray Lawson
b. 1925                                                                 b. Mar. 27, 1924 - d. 2000

Frances was born in Stratford and the family lived on Erie Street.
She recalled, "... when we used to hop on the farm sleighs after school and ride out to the city limits;  then walk back and wait for another one.  When we went out to the farm, your Dad (her uncle Harry) would meet us at the Halfway House¹ with the horse and cutter."²
She was married in 1945 and divorced in 1969.


Edward Allan Lawson, b. 1946
Judith (Judy) Merle Lawson, b. 1947
Janette Christine Lawson, b. 1960³
Frances gave this picture to her grandmother, Fannie Loghrin at Christmas, 1943.  The original is in Don and Wendy Loghrin's collection.
Frances' 2006 Christmas card featured her great grandchildren.  Clockwise from the top:  Tyson Talsma, Mya Lawson, Jacob, Hannah and Ethan Kompf.
        ¹ The Halfway House was a wayside inn at the intersection of the St. Pauls Road and Highway 7; it was considered to be halfway between Stratford and St. Marys.
        ² Frances Lawson in a letter to Tom Loghrin, Feb. 6, 2011.
        ³ Information submitted by Frances Lawson, 2005.