Generation V       Parent

James Loghrin
b. Oct. 22, 1912 - d. 1990¹        

Jim was born at the homestead, Speedside, Eramosa township.
After his education, he took up the trade of Auto Mechanic and served in the R.C.A.F., World War II as a mechanic.  In January, 1939, his mother wrote in a letter to her niece:² "Jim is in Toronto this winter finishing a course in diesel engines.  He took a mail course on it last summer and went to school for the practical part of it as well as getting lectures every afternoon.  He thinks he will finish this month.  He worries some for fear he is spending money and then not get a job.  But he won't farm and is a good mechanic so will have to get busy and earn his living that way."

He married Alice Bates in 1942.  They resided at Hillsburg, Ontario.³

Alfred Loghrin, b. 1944
Dale Loghrin, b. 1947

        ¹ Information collected at the Barrie Hill Cemetery, May, 2005 by Tom Loghrin.
        ² See Appendix XI to read the entire letter.
        ³ The original account was written by William J. Keith in 1968.
Alice Bates
b. Feb. 23, 1925 - d. 2001¹
The Loghrin Family History
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