Generation V               Parent

Thomas Edwin McClanahan                
b. July 21, 1910 - d. Dec. 6, 1990        

Tom was born at Belwood where his father and uncle had a hardware and tinsmith store.  He moved with the family to Fergus in 1920, then to Drayton in 1922.  For many years he worked on his father's farm, taking it over completely in 1936³ when his parents moved into the town of Drayton.
He married Mabel Luella Gordon in 1936.
Mabel Luella Gordon¹
b. Feb. 5, 1913 - d. Nov. 11, 1996²
Tom developed Parkinson's disease about 1985 and gradually failed.  He was in Elora at the Wellington County Nursing Home before he died in 1990.
Mabel ended up in The Royal Terrace Retirement Home in Palmerston, Ont. a few years later and passed away in the Palmerston Hospital on Nov. 11, 1996¹.  Mabel and Tom are buried in Drayton Cemetery².

William Thomas McClanahan, b. 1938 in Drayton
Barbara Joy McClanahan, b. 1947 in Stratford²

        ¹Information provided by William T. McClanahan in various e-mails to Tom Loghrin, 2005 greatly added to Will Keith's original notes.
        ²Clarifications and additional information for this page were provided in a letter from Robt. J. McClanahan to Tom Loghrin, Feb. 24, 2005.
        Photos are from Wm. T. McClanahan's collection.
Tom and Mabel McClanahan with children Barbara and Bill, Thanksgiving, 1962
Both Tom and Mabel were active in the community. They were involved with the Agricultural Society and were 4H Club leaders.  Mabel taught special night classes in English to many New Canadians arriving in the Drayton area in the early 1950's.  She was a member of the Eastern Star Drayton Chapter OES No. 38, and a member of the Rockie Glen Rebekah Lodge No. 235, Elora¹.
Tom and Mabel sold the farm in 1959¹ and moved into Drayton, just a short distance down the street from Martha McClanahan, Tom's mother.  She was on her own at that time.  For a number of years both Tom and Mabel were in the insurance business.  Tom became very active in Rotary after moving off the farm in Drayton.  One of his proudest moments in later years was being designated a "Paul Harris Fellow" by The Rotary Foundation in appreciation of his work in the community.  Also in 1984 he was given an oil painting in honour of his work for 35 years (1949-1984) as Clerk of Session for the Knox Presbyterian Church in Drayton¹.
Nov. 14, 1984. 
Left to right: Jean and Bill MccClanahan, Tom and Mabel McClanahan, Barbara Bailey upon Tom's becoming a "Paul Harris Fellow"
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