Generation V                Parent

Florence Loghrin McClanahan        
b. Dec. 8, 1907 - d. Oct. 12, 1988

Florence was born at Speedside near Belwood, Ont..  She grew up in Drayton and went to school there.  After high school, she took a two year course at MacDonald College, now part of the University of Guelph, to become a dietician, graduating in 1930.  Her career took her to quite a few hospitals in southern Ontario and Michigan.  Her last position was at Dufferin County Hospital in Orangeville from about 1957 until her retirement in 1975.  While at Orangeville she would drive the 30 miles to Drayton at least once a week to see how her mother was doing.  Her mother, Martha, died in 1960.
Upon retirement she moved to London, just two blocks from her brother Jim and she lived at that house on Valetta St. until her death in 1988, never recovering from a broken hip.
Florence never married but was well loved by five nieces and nephews.
She was buried Oct. 15, 1988 in the family plot at the Drayton Cemetery.
Enjoying a glass of wine
Florence having a good laugh with her Uncle Will Loghrin
(Robt. J. McClanahan, 2005)
Photos are from Wm. T. McClanahan's collection
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