Generation V       Parent

William (Bill) Loghrin Keith
b. 1935          

William was born in London, Ont. Jan. 6, 1935.  He came to Ottawa with his parents in 1940.
After completing his education, he joined the staff of A.R. Williams Machinery Co., Toronto in 1956 who had a branch office in Ottawa.  He worked his way up to outside salesman and married Barbara Jean Mulholland Nov. 15, 1958.
He was transferred to Moncton, N.B. as their maritime representative, later he was transferred to North Bay, Ont. as their northern representative when their man there retired.¹
Marg and I enjoyed a visit with Bill and Barb at their current residence in Ottawa;  although I had met Bill's father when I was a child, Bill and I had never met.²

Alison Grace Keith, b. 1959        
Audrey Lynn Keith, b. 1962        

        ¹ William J. Keith's account written in 1968
        ² Tom Loghrin, 2005
Bill Keith (a few years later) and his two girls Alison (left) and Audrey     (Will Keith,1968)
Neither of these photos is dated.
Barbara J. Mulholland
b. 1938
William Loghrin Keith, helping his Aunt Jean Harrington at her home in Hamilton.  She took first prize in horticulture with this flower garden.
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