Generation III     Parent

Eliza Loghrin                        
b. April 29², 1837 - d. Nov. 28, 1909³                        

James Hanna(h)¹
b. Mar. 12, 1837 - d. 1918*
The Loghrin Family History
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"Eliza was born at the Loghrin homestead at Speedside in Eramosa township."**
On June 28, 1861^ she was married to James Hanna, son of Richard Hanna and Jane*  Williamson^^; James worked for her father.  He was the the third of six children and was born in Ireland and emigrated with his family in 1847.   Apparently, his youngest sister, Ann, was born Sept. 22, 1844 and baptized on Nov. 18, 1844 at the Cahan Church.^^
James and Eliza farmed for a time in Eramosa; in 1867 he purchased 100 acres, E½ lot 11, con. 1 Garafraxa Township from the Canada Co.* and hence they lived near Fergus on the Garafraxa Road. 
In his original account, William Keith stated, "To my knowledge they are buried in the old part of Fergus cemetery Lot 35J or 356, Div. A.  There is no tombstone or marker left."  At the time of her death Eliza was living on lot 7, concession 1 in West Garafraxa Township.³

Jane (Jennie) Hanna° b. 1863 - d. 1887
Agnes Hanna b. 1864 - d. 1951
Thomas L. Hanna b. May 19, 1866 - d. Sept. 2, 1929         
Richard (Dick) Hanna b. Feb. 29°°, 1868 - d. Apr. 30, 1940                        
William Loghrin Hanna b. 1870
Ann Eliza Hanna b. Apr. 5, 1872 - d. Sept. 30, 1945                
Robert James Hanna b. June 11, 1876 - d. Nov. 3, 1902        

        ¹ Listed as Hannah in the 1901 Census.
        ² The date of birth is Apr. 12 in the 1901 Census.
        ³ Registrations of Deaths, 1869 - 1934, MS935 Reel 149, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
        * Information from Mrs. T. J. Hutchinson, Hanna Family History 1989, Sources quoted: Carmel Cemetery Records; Bill Wilson. These records are held at the Wellington County Archives.
        ** This statement was made by William J. Keith in his 1968 account; however, Eliza's parents farmed in Nichol Township so she may have been born there.  No documented birth information has been found.
        ^ 1858-69 Marriage Registrations, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
        ^^ Information from the Cahan Presbyterian Church baptism records in Stranooden, Ireland; included in LeRoy Hanna's mailing Mar. 18, 20ll.
        ° The three oldest children: Jane, Agnes and Thomas are mentioned in in their grandfather Tom Loghrin's will.
        °° Pictures and Information submitted by LeRoy Hanna in letter to Tom Loghirn, Mar. 18, 2011.  Although the note on the picture suggests that James may have returned to Ireland to marry,  the records in Ontario indicate that he married Eliza in Ontario.

Eliza (Loghrin) Hanna