Generation VI                    Parent

Gertrude Elaine McClanahan
b. 1932                                         

Elaine was born in Haileybury and had her schooling there.  She left home to take nurses' training in Orillia, Ont.  She met Doug there and they married in 1954.  Jim was born in Toronto² but the family has lived near Coulson, about 10 miles west of Orillia, for many years.  "Coulson school is one mile away from Mom and Dad's.  Some of the neighbours remember Grandma (Gertrude Gibson) teaching there."²  Doug drove a truck for an Orillia manufacturing plant.  Kathy and Susan were born in Orillia.
William Douglas Finlay
b. 1932 - d. Oct. 28, 2005¹
Elaine, Kathy and Doug Finlay at Jim's wedding, June 19, 1999.
        Initial account written by Robt. J. McClanahan, 2005
        ¹Information and photographs sent by Susan Finlay in letters to Tom Loghrin, Dec., 2006.
        ²Information and photo sent by Susan Finlay in a  letter to Tom Loghrin, June 21, 2005.
The Loghrin Family History
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The car featured in Doug's funeral notice is a 1954 Customline Ford which he purchased as is at the Burl's Creek flea market in 2003.  He sold his Model A also at the flea market.¹
Doug died at the Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital.¹


Jim Finlay b. 1955
Susan Finlay b. 1957
Kathleen (Kathy) Finlay b. 1959
1930 Model A Ford
Photo from Doug's funeral notice¹