The Loghrin Family History
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Thomas Loghrin
Mary (Wilson) Loghrin
Generation II           Parent


Thomas was born in Clontibret, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.  He came to Canada with his mother at age 18, to join his father and older brother who had just settled on lot 25, concession 2, township of Eramosa. 
He married Mary Wilson, daughter of Hugh Wilson and Isabella Gibson².
It appears that they farmed and lived on one or more of the Loghrin properties in Nichol Township after they were married.  These lots in Nichol were across the road from lot 22, concession 1 in Eramosa.  See Appendix VI for the location.  The 1851 Census shows that they lived in a two storey house, "one half stone and the other half frame".  That census lists "Nancy", not Agnes. Nelson Mcland [sic], 34 years old, is listed as labourer at that time.  Nelson McLellan, "the employ(ee) of Thomas Loghran" placed 2nd as the First Class Plowman in the Nichol Township Plowing Match in 1850.* 
Thomas was Reeve of Nichol Township** and represented the township on the council of the United Counties of Waterloo, Wellington and Grey in 1852-3^.  The 1861 Census indicates that they still lived in Nichol and that their "hired man" (labourer) was James Hannah [sic], age 23.  James married Eliza that same year.
Sometime in the 1860s the family moved to the Loghrin homestead, lot 25, concession 2 Eramosa Township as the 1871 Census lists them as residents there.  Thomas' father, William, died in 1859 and left the farm to Thomas.°  Also Thomas and Mary's son, William, married in 1865 and farmed the property in Nichol.  No doubt these factors influenced their decision to move to the home farm.
John Inglis Hobson, husband of Agnes Loghrin, Thomas's niece, was executor for Thomas.  John is listed as such on a mortgage dated May 13, 1884; he and Martha Jane Loghrin loaned $1700 to John Coady of Pilkington Township.^^

Eliza Loghrin, b. April 29, 1837 -        
Agnes Loghrin, b. Mar. 23, 1839 - d.  Apr. 27, 1852                 Age 13¹
William Loghrin, b. May 1, 1841 - d. Sept. 26, 1874                 Age 33¹ 
Isabella Loghrin, b. Mar. 28, 1843 - d. Feb. 11, 1867                Age 24¹
Martha Loghrin, b. Aug. 22, 1845 - d. July 29, 1870                 Age 25¹
Mary Loghrin, b. May 14, 1848 - d. Sept. 25, 1899                Age 51
Alexander Loghrin, b. Nov. 14, 1850 - d. May 15, 1879²        Age 28¹
James Loghrin, b. Nov. 4, 1852 - d. Mar. 8, 1882                        Age 29¹

Thomas Loghrin¹
b. Jan. 7, 1810 - d. May 6, 1875
Age 65

Mary Wilson¹
b. 1818 - d. Feb. 8, 1871
Age 53

Martha Loghrin
Isabella Loghrin
Mary Loghrin (later married George Keith)
        ¹ Buried in the family plot, Johnson Cemetery, Barrie Hill
        ² Information received in a letter from Elizabeth Kot to Tom Loghrin Mar. 20, 2006.
        ³ Plowing Matches, The Tweedsmuir History Project, Ennotville Women's Institute, Vol. 1, p. 183, held at the Wellington County Archives.
        * The original account was written and the photos provided by William J. Keith in 1968.  Thomas and Mary were his grandparents and Martha and Isabella were his aunts.  He noted that he had no picture of his Aunt Agnes.  Will was Mary (Loghrin) Keith's youngest son.
        ** Township of Nichol Plaques, Wellington County Archives, Accession Number A2006.183.
        ^ Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario, (Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906), p. 6.   The Loghrin family did own land in Nichol Township; see Appendix V.
        ° Ontario Land Records, Lot 25, Concession 1, Township of Eramosa, held at the Wellington County Archives.
        ^^ The document was available at this website .