Generation VI        Parent

William (Bill) Frederick Loghrin
b. 1933¹ - d. Jan. 28, 2004²        

Bill and Mary married on Apr. 6, 1957³ and lived in Stratford.  Their marriage ended in divorce.


Bradley William Loghrin, b. 1959        
Jane Margaret Loghrin, b. 1962
Michael Jeffrey Loghrin, b. 1963        
Gregory Ernest Loghrin, b. 1964        
Mary Helen Pinkerton
b. 1935¹

Marjorie DeBoer
b. 1960³
The Loghrin Family History
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Bill married Marjorie DeBoer on Oct. 1, 1988³.  Bill died suddenly at London Health Sciences Centre, Westminster Campus after a brief struggle with cancer.²  He is buried in Avondale Cemetery, Stratford.³
Marjorie and the children live in Thamesford, Ontario.


Marcie Mae Loghrin, b. 1992        
Thomas Ryan Loghrin, b. 1995                
Daniel James Loghrin, b. 1995        

        ¹Monteith web site. The Monteith's of Perth County (Stratford, Perth Co, ON, CAN).  Online at
        ²Ann Loghrin's email message, "Bill Loghrin's obituary", to Tom Loghrin, Feb. 1, 2004.
        ³Donna Loghrin in a letter to Jane Hurst, Oct. 13, 2004.
Marcie, Marjorie, Dan, Brad, Tom and Tom Loghrin.  Photo taken by Dan's friend in late May, 2007.    This picture is  in Tom Loghrin's  collection.