Generation VI           Parent

Reta Jane Loghrin
b. 1926

Reta married Bill Moffet, son of Milton James Moffet and Florence Lavina Gladding, on July 26, 1946.   Reta and Bill were born and lived in Stratford, Ont.  Bill was involved in sales all his working life, at Wakes Dairy and then later at R. J. MacDonald Ltd. retiring in 1989.¹ 


Sharon Louise Moffett, b. 1947
Kenneth William Moffett, b. 1955

        ¹ The Stratford Beacon Herald (Jan. 13, 2007), p. 12.
        ² Except as noted, Reta Moffet submitted information for this page in 2004.                                
William James Moffet
b. 1924 - d. 2007
Christmas, 1943
The tag with this photo says
"To Grandma from Reta"
Grandma was Fannie Loghrin.
This photo is among a collection kept by Don and Wendy Loghrin.
The Loghrin Family History
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