Generation VI                Parent

Gordon Thomas Sands
b. July 12, 1928 - d. 1996¹

Gordon and his family lived in Scarborough, Ontario in 1958.³  His second wife, Mary, lived in Florida in 2006².

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        ¹ Information from the Sands' headstone, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario from
        ² Information from a telephone call, Tom Loghrin to Mary Sands, 2006.
        ³ This information was sent to Tom Loghrin by Elizabeth Kot, Gordon's first cousin, in a letter in Mar., 2006.  These facts were gleaned from a birth announcement in an unidentified newspaper.
        * Picture received by Tom Loghrin from Mary Sands, Mar. 30, 2006.
        Editor's note: As an adopted child, there may be some question as to whether Gordon's family should be in the family tree.  However, he is part of our history and is therefore included here.  (Tom Loghrin, 2006)

Gordon Sands (undated)*
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Doris A. Dawson
b. 1929 - d. 1988¹
Mary _________²
The Cook headstone, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto from .