Elizabeth Cooper
b. 1784 - d. Sept. 29, 1849     Age 65¹
Generation 1

Robert Robinson                                
b. 1787 - d. May 22, 1854    Age 67                

William had a half brother named Robinson².  "These two", i.e.; William Loghrin and Robert Robinson, "were married in Ireland to sisters named Cooper."²  Robert and Elizabeth, with their son John, emigrated from Antrim, Ireland.³
They lived on lot 27, concession 2 in Eramosa Township, the second lot northwest of the Loghrin homestead.

Robert secured his Crown Deed in 1852, but he was listed as occupier earlier than that.  Robert Robinson is included in the 1833 Eramosa Assessment Roll on lot 27, concession 2; he was probably just getting started as he had not cultivated any land and the only livestock was three young cattle.  The first names mentioned as members of "First Presbyterian Church, Eramosa" (Barrie Hill) on the formation of the congregation in 1838, are Robert and Elizabeth Robinson.  Robert lived on this lot for almost 20 years before 1852.  We may assume that he lived on this lot under one of three conditions: 1st, as a squatter, 2nd, as a tenant of the Crown, or 3rd, under an Agreement for Sale with the grant obtainable when fully paid for.  It is interesting to note that whereas free grants were obtainable from the Crown in the 1820's and 1830's, land values had so increased by 1852 that the Crown received 160£ from Robert Robinson for this lot.*
This marker is adjacent to the William Loghrin and Agnes Cooper plot in the Johnson Cemetery.
John Robinson b. 1819, m. Jane Miller³

In 1950 Clare Robinson, the fifth generation of the family, resided on and operated the northwesterly half of the lot.  His daughters, Linda and Velda, lived there as well.*  In 2008 descendants of the Robinson family still attend the Barrie Hill United church; in fact, Betty Quast (née Robinson), is one of the committee who wrote and edited the history of the church in 2007.³

There is one other bit of information about Robinsons:  Frances Cook entered these deaths in her address book: Robbie Robinson d. 1 Sept. 1957; Sammy Robinson d. 16 June 1961.°
        ¹ Information from the grave marker in the Johnson Cemetery, Barrie Hill
        ² See Appendix III.
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        ^^ Alexander was a blacksmith at Speedside and Eramosa.  Information from The History of Barrie Hill United Church.
        ** Anne and Brad separated in 2001 and are divorced.  Information in an email from Susan McBlain to Tom Loghrin, May 18, 2008
        Editor's note: This page has been included because the possible connection with the Robinsons is intriguing.  Also, if any of us goes to Ireland to research, this information about the marriage to the Cooper sisters might be helpful.  In a telephone conversation, Feb. 20, 2008, Betty Quast said noone in the family has done much family tree research from the 1800s and she had not heard that Robert might have had a half brother.  In 2008, Betty and Joe Quast were living near Rockwood in what was the former township of Eramosa.

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A Partial Outline of the Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Robinson^

Robert and Elizabeth Robinson
John Robinson m. Jane Miller
Robert Robinson
Alexander Robinson^^
William Robinson
Frank Robinson m. Anna Rutherford
Clare Robinson m. Gladys
Linda Robinson
Larry Robinson
Velda Robinson
Louise Robinson
Betty Robinson m. Joe Quast
Anne Quast m.
Brad McBlain**
Jill Quast m.
Tom Ralston
Helen Quast m.
Crosbie Watler
Shirley Robinson
Eloise Robinson m. Robert Rodger
Norah Quast m. Greg Parker