She married Clyde Collins "of Calumet"¹, Michigan on Oct. 26, 1946 at the Metropolitan Methodist Church, Detroit and they lived in Farmington, Mich..  He was an inspector with Chrysler Corp. in the Detroit Dodge plant.  "Clyde was a skilled trades journeyman with Chrysler Corporation for more than 30 years.  Helen continued geriatric nursing until her retirement in the late 1970's"¹

Keith Thomas Collins, b. 1947
Richard (Rick) William Collins, b. 1948

Helen Loghrin, at the London, Ont. railway station, Mar., 1943³
        ¹Keith Collins in an email to Tom Loghrin, Nov. 22, 2004.  Document on file with Tom Loghrin.
        ²These items are from Sharon Loghrin's collection.
        ³Included among photos inherited by Tom Loghrin.
        *Photo from William J. Keith's collection.
         Commentary by William J. Keith except as noted.

Clyde Collins
b. 1922 - d. Jan. 4, 2000¹
Generation V       Parent

Helen Frances Loghrin
b. 1906 - d. Feb. 11, 1991¹

Helen was born at Stratford.  After completing her education, she trained for a nurse at Victoria Hospital, London, Ont.  graduating 1928.
She had a happy faculty of seeing the funny side of life and was a chaser of the blues.  She went to New York City shortly after graduating and nursed until she enlisted with the U.S. Army, World War 2 and went overseas. "As a nurse and officer, she landed in Normandy and served throughout Europe."¹

Siblings: Nel, Alex, and Helen Loghrin, Mar. 11, 1907.  Photo from the collection held by Don and Wendy Loghrin.
Helen sent this list of graduates and an invitation to her graduation to her brother Alex and sister-in-law Ethel Loghrin².
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Helen and the dog at the farm c. 1930.  Her brother Harry's pet raccoon is in the top of the tree behind her.*