Generation V                                Parent

William (Willie) Jeffrey Loghrin
b. May 30, 1908 - d. Aug. 17, 1927²

Willie lived and worked with his parents on the farm in the Gore of Downie Township. 
His father's diary sheds some light on his untimely death.  On Thurs., Aug. 4th the entry was, "Willie cut barley in front field." so it's to be assumed all was well.  On the next day the entry was, "Willie sick in bed."  That entry was repeated several times over the next few days and several visits by Dr. Fraser were noted.  On Tues., Aug. 16th , "Willie went to hospital by ambulance.  Also Helen, Mother went in with Bill Jeffrey.  Dr. Rutherford out twice today, arranged to get doctor from London."  And finally, on Wed., Aug. 17th, "Willie died at 7 a.m.  Mother, Helen, Nel and I there.  About 75 people here (at the farm) tonight."  Willie's younger brother, Harry, said he died of appendicitis;  however, the record indicates that the cause of death was, "milliary [sic] tuberculosis of the abdomen, spine, etc."²  "William was a prominent athlete and played a great part in the success of the softball league held in Downie this year.  Mr. Loghrin was a faithful attendant at the St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.  The pallbearers were all boy chums ... and were Andrew Rae, Charles Monteith, Leslie Lupton, Nelson Monteith Jr., and George Richardson."³
About two years later Harry spent 22 days in the hospital recovering from a burst appendix.  His father's diary entry noted that the cost of the hospital stay was more than that year's income from the farm.*

        ¹ The picture, letter and diaries are on file with Don and Wendy Loghrin.
        ² Registration of Deaths, 1869 - 1934, MS935 Reel 351, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
        ³ The Stratford Beacon-Herald, Aug. 19, 1927.
        * Information from a conversation with Jane Hurst, May 30, 2005

Left to right: Ed Murray, Tom Loghrin (Willie's father), Nel Loghrin (Willie's older brother), Andy Rae, Willie Loghrin, Jim Thomson (with arms on Willie's shoulders), Alex Rae, George Stuart.  This picture of the S.S.#10 Downie township baseball team was taken in 1927 not long before Willie's death.¹
Note from Sam Loghrin to his uncle, Tom Loghrin after Willie's death²   "Aunt Isabel and Uncle Sam" were the Radcliffes who raised Sam and his brother after the death of their parents.
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