The Loghrin Family History
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Generation V      Parent

Radcliffe Loghrin
b. Nov. 19, 1908 - d. Nov. 3, 1993          
Age 84

Radcliffe was born in Stratford.  Radcliffe Loghrin had no middle name, and was just known as "Rad".
Rad's mother died during childbirth, when Rad was five years old, and just 10 days before his father went overseas in World War I.  After their mother's death, Rad and his brother Sam  were raised by his mother's sister, Isobel (Bel) Scholz and her husband, Samuel John Radcliffe.  The Radcliffes lived in London, Ontario, where he was the Principal of the Normal School.  At some point they moved to Toronto and lived for many years on Binscarth Rd. in the Rosedale section of Toronto.  Rad attended high school at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS).  As a young man he was a lifeguard and sometimes got a sunburn. Later on, he had some skin cancer but nothing serious¹.

Frances Mabel Ruby Hill¹

Elizabeth Jane Fraser¹
b. Apr. 16, 1915 - d. Apr. 22, 2010²
Betty Loghrin²
Manhattan Bridge,
New York

Written by Radcliffe to his first cousin Nelson, June 11, 1915.  On file with Tom Loghrin
Rad married Frances Mabel Ruby Hill, daughter of Frederick (Fred) Walter James Hill and Mabel Rebecca Waterson, in Sept., 1931.  Since both of their mothers had died in childbirth, Mabel and Rad decided not to have children.  At first they lived in a small house on Keewatin Ave..  They had a big dog named Ruff.  During the depression, Rad was out of work for 8 months, but he eventually got a job in the audit section of the Treasury Department of the Ontario Government.  During World War II, Rad volunteered for the RCAF.  Since he was a big strong fellow of good character, they gave him a job in the Service Police, i.e., the Military Police for the Air Force.  He was posted to Quebec and never went overseas.  While he was away, Mabel lived with the Radcliffes on Binscarth Rd.  After the war Rad returned to the Treasury Department, and used a veteran's allowance to build a house at 2634 Kennedy Road in Agincourt.  He did a lot of woodworking in the house, including making most of the wooden furniture and putting additions on the house.  He also built a boat in the garage.  Rad liked boating and swimming but Mabel didn't.  Mabel was good at many sports, including badminton.  She also did work for her United Church in Agincourt, weekly volunteer work at a hospital, and re-upholstered antique chairs.  Their lot was  half an acre, and they grew corn and raspberries, had fruit trees, and even raised chickens for years.  They made preserves of much of their fruit.  When Rad retired, they moved  to Apt. 1132, 11 Ruddington Drive in North York¹.
He married Elizabeth (Betty) Jane Fraser, daughter of John Beverley Fraser and Elizabeth (Bessie) Webber How, on May 3, 1984 at Toronto.  The second marriage occurred after Rad's wife, Mabel, and Betty Jane's husband, Wilson, had both died. They continued to live in the same apartment on Ruddington Drive¹.

        ¹ Douglas A. Hill's e-mail message, "Life of Radcliffe Loghrin", to Tom Loghrin, July 31, 2004.   The complete, well documented letter is on file with Tom Loghrin.         
        ² Elizabeth Loghrin obituary, The Toronto Sun, Apr. 24, 2010.