The Loghrin Family History
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Generation V       Parent

Samuel Monteith (Frederick Scholz¹) Loghrin²                        
b. May 26, 1905 - d. Jan. 20, 1952

Elizabeth Rook
                        d. 1980**
Sam was born in Stratford and he was 9 years old when his mother died.  He then lived with his aunt and uncle, the Radcliffe's, first in London and later in Toronto.
Sam was christened Frederick Scholz Loghrin.   During 1915 and 1916, the boys received letters from their father overseas, addressed to them at 30 Marley Place, London, Ontario.   These letters were addressed to the sons as Fritz and Rad³. Sam's original name, "Frederick", was legally changed to Samuel after the father's death in 1916.
Jane Hurst recalls her Dad, Harry Loghrin, talking about visiting cousins in London when he was young.  When she drove him to London for his chemotherapy treatment, he took her on the route they followed and told the story of the old Model T climbing up the hill and needing to be pushed over the top and then coasting down the other side*.

This photo, among the collection kept by Don and Wendy Loghrin, is labelled, "Mrs. Radcliffe".  She was, Isabel*, a sister of Sam and Rad's mother Jessie.
Written by Fritz to his first cousin Nelson, June 28, 1915.  Note Fritz's signature and mention of Aunt Tilly.  On file with Tom Loghrin
Sam served in England during World War II and married Elizabeth in 1941; they moved to Canada in April, 1947.**  Sam, Radcliffe and their wives lived with Isabel Radcliffe on Binscarth Rd., Toronto for a period of time after the war.^
Elizabeth returned to England in 1952 after Sam's death and lived in Nelson, Lancashire until her death in 1980.  She is buried with her parents and grandparents in the Wheatley Lane Church graveyard.**

This panel of the Scholz stone reads:
Samuel John Radcliffe B.A., D. Paed
Born Aug. 25, 1862, Died Sep. 2, 1929
Isabel Radcliffe
1871 - 1956
Elizabeth Scholz
Born Aug. 19, 1863, Died Jan. 9, 1938
Mathlide Craig
Born April 19, 1866, Died Jan. 7, 1945

Sam Loghrin's name is engraved on the base of the Scholz stone, Avondale Cemetery, Stratford
        ¹ Registration of Births and Stillbirths, 1869 - 1909, MS929 Reel 181, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.  The entry is: "Loghrin Samuel (Frederick Scholz)" with "Monteith"written on the line above and "Loghrin Samuel Monteith" written below.  There is a signature at the bottom of the entry, "E. Scholz", dated "Oct. 23/22".
        ² Buried in the Scholz family plot, Avondale Cemetery, Stratford
        ³Samuel Monteith Loghrin's four letters to his sons, Radcliffe and Frederick Loghrin, regarding news from England during WW I, 1915 and 1916.  Collection of records held by Douglas A. Hill.
        * Jane Hurst's e-mail message, "Re: Rad Loghrin", to Tom Loghrin, Aug. 4, 2004.
        ** Hilary Bradshaw in an email message, "Samuel Monteith Loghrin", to Tom Loghrin, Mar. 28, 2013.
        ^ Douglas A. Hill's email message, "Life of Radcliffe Loghrin", to Tom Loghrin, July 31, 2004.