Generation IV     Parent

James (Jim) Loghrin
b. Apr. 6, 1882 - d. May 27, 1964¹
Age 82        

Jim was born at the homestead, Speedside, Eramosa township.  His father died a month previous.
He often came to our farm (George Keith's) on weekends, as he worked above Elora.
He later went to Edmonton, Alberta where he and Robert Hunter had a lumber business.  They dissolved the partnership and then Jim had a lumber business at Lamont, Alberta.  While in Edmonton he married Jean Thompson who had lived near Fergus, Ontario.  She died suddenly while in Edmonton.
Jim's mother, Matilda, moved to Lamont to help care for Jean after her mother died.*

Jean Loghrin, b. 1915 -

Jean Thompson¹
b. May 2, 1878 - d. Apr. 19, 1915¹
Ann Florence Kerr
                - d. Mar. 24, 1971²
This photo, simply labeled "Jim Loghrin" was sent to Tom Loghrin by Robert J. McClanahan on Feb. 24, 2005.  The studio is identified as "Castor, Edmonton, Alta."
Later he married Ann Kerr who originally came from Nova Scotia and taught school in Edmonton.  They retired and lived at White Rock, B.C. where he died in 1964.³

        ¹ Buried in Edmonton Municipal Cemetery, .
        ² Buried in Sunnyside Lawn Cemetery, Surrey, B.C., Internet research,,  (Tom Loghrin, 2004)
        ³ Account written by William J. Keith in 1968
        * Matilda is included in the household in both the 1916 and 1921 Census of Canada.
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