The Loghrin Family History
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Generation IV     Parent

Thomas (Tom) Alexander Loghrin¹        
b. Feb. 5, 1878 - d. Sept. 9, 1936
Age 58

Tom was born in Eramosa township, lot 22, concession1.  He was 3 months old when his father died.  His mother, Fannie (née Monteith), returned to her old home at Stratford and he was raised there.  Fannie married William Jeffrey and in 1889 she sold the farm in Eramosa to William Mutrie for $5900.  Fannie's brother-in-law, John C. Monteith, and her former brother-in-law, George Keith, were executors.²
After attending the Stratford Business School, Tom bought the farm, lot 9, concession 8 in the Gore of Downie Township, Perth County, from his mother's first cousin³, Matthew Monteith, in December, 1899 for $5,600.*  Matthew continued to live on the property until the following spring when he sold his livestock and equipment; Tom bought much of it.  He continued with a mixed farming operation that included: 15 cows for cream production, 20 to 25 Clydesdale horses with some for land work and others for sale, some pigs, about 300 laying and meat chickens, ducks and geese.**

Frances (Fannie) Holmes¹
b. Mar. 24, 1879 - d. Mar. 10, 1958
Age 78
Tom holding a horse (probably his own) at the farm.  An undated photo from William J. Keith's collection.
Frances Holmes at 19 years of age.  Photo from Don and Wendy Loghrin's collection.
He married Frances Holmes, daughter of Robert Holmes and Ellen Hayes, at St. Marys on Mar. 4, 1903.^  She was born in Mtichell, Ont. and had no siblings.  In the 1911 Census, "Nellie" was listed as mother-in-law and widow.
Tom served as a trustee and secretary of the local school, S.S.#10, Downie.**  He was a good hardball player and was known among that crowd as "Swifty".  There is a picture of the baseball team on Willie's link below.  His grandaughter, Frances Lawson, recalled that she always thought that Grandpa Tom should have been a teacher or professor as he loved books and was very knowledgeable.  She said Grandma was very good with horses and was seen "flying" by her mother's home on the Embro Road.  Tom and Fannie retired the horse and buggy in 1921 and bought a car.**
Tom kept a diary from 1895 to 1934;  those diaries are in the care of Don and Wendy Loghrin at the farm.  He died suddenly; the funeral service was held at the farm on Sept. 12th .  Harry continued farming with help in the first winter from a couple of the Jeffrey boys.
Pictures of the farm buildings are in Appendix 2.

Alexander Thomas Loghrin, b. Jan. 9, 1904 - d. Sept. 15, 1985  
Nelson Samuel Loghrin, b. Mar. 21, 1905 - d. May 21, 1983¹                
Helen Frances Loghrin, b. Aug. 9, 1906 - d. Feb. 11, 1991¹
Wiliam (Willie) Jeffery Loghrin, b. May 30, 1908 - d. Aug. 17, 1927¹   
Donald Frederick Loghrin, b. Sept. 27, 1909 - d. July 21, 1910¹
Robt. Harry Monteith Loghrin, b. June 1, 1915 - d. Aug. 30,1990¹   

Fannie, Helen, Mrs. Robinson, Harry kneeling, Mrs. Holmes seated.  Note the wooden pump on the well behind Mrs. Robinson's left elbow.  It was still there about 25 years later when I was boy.  Photo from Jane Hurst's collection.
This picture was taken on the lawn at Fannie and Tom Loghrin's farm, Downie Township, circa 1925.   The names listed above are as the photo was originally labeled.
The people in the picture:

Fannie Loghrin and two of her children - Helen and Harry. 

Fannie's mother, Nellie, is seated.

Mrs. Robinson is a bit of a puzzle but... she is most likely Jane Anne (Monteith) Robinson, a sister of Fannie (Monteith) (Loghrin) Jeffrey.  In other words she was Tom Loghrin's aunt.  Jane married Dr. William Nelson Robinson.  There is, however, one more complication!  In the Monteith Tree Jane and William's children have the surname Robertson.  In 1927 "Mrs. William Jeffries[sic] and Mrs. W. Robertson" from Toronto attended Willie Loghrin's funeral at the farm.  The two women were likely Fannie (Monteith) Jeffrey and her sister, Jane (Monteith) Robinson - Tom L.'s mother and aunt.

The question remains: "Is it Robinson or Robertson?"

Left to Right:  Fannie Loghrin (Tom's wife),  Louise (Cook) Sands with Tom's granddaughter (Nelson's daughter - probably Frances, 3 yrs old)   First cousins: Lizzie Cook ,Alex Keith, Maud Loghrin, Tom Loghrin

Left to right:  Mae Loghrin, Lizzie Cook, Fannie Loghrin, Harry Loghrin, Nelson Loghrin, Alex Keith holding Reta Loghrin, Maud Loghrin, Helen Loghrin holding Frances Loghrin, Louise Sands, Tom Loghrin
The above pictures are from William J. Keith's collection.
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