Jessie Wilkins² Scholz³
b. Sept. 26, 1876 - d. Oct. 6, 1914
Age 38
Generation IV       Parent

Samuel Monteith Loghrin¹        
b. Jan. 1, 1876 - d. Sept. 15, 1916
Age 40

Sam was born in Eramosa township lot 22, first concession Jan. 1, 1876.  He was 2 years old when his father died. Following that, Sam's mother returned to her old home at Stratford; he was raised there. 
He attended the Ontario Agricultural College and graduated with an Associate Degree; i.e., a two year diploma in Agriculture on June 30, 1896.* 
In his first year, as a member of the Literary Society, he debated the topic, "Resolved that winter is a more favourable time for sports than summer".   His, the affirmative side, lost the debate!*  "We regret to announce the departure of Mr. S. Loghrin from our midst.  Mr. Loghrin was a prominent man in his year, taking a high standing in his exams and an active part in the Literary Society of which he was secretary.  Sam was a jolly good fellow when he was here ...  Remember your classmates, Samie, who wish you every success and hope to see you back next year to complete the course."^  What took Sam from his studies that spring?

Jessie Loghrin with Rad and Fritz (later changed to Sam).  The photo is from a collection kept by Don and Wendy Loghrin.
Jessie died during childbirth² Oct. 6, 1914.
Sam was a Captain in the Perth Infantry and he enlisted with the 18th regiment;  he signed his attestation paper on Nov. 4th, a month after Jessie's death.  This was not Sam's first trip to Europe;  he visited England, Switzerland and France in 1903.  A copy of his letter home to  his brother, Tom, is available in appendix I.

Frederick (Samuel)¹º Monteith Loghrin, b. May 26, 1905 - d. Jan. 20, 1952     
Radcliffe Loghrin, b. Nov. 19, 1908 - d. Nov. 3, 1993²

Sam Loghrin with his sons Fritz (Sam) and Radcliffe.  Photo taken at the Samuel Askin Studio in Stratford, Ont. and among those inherited by Tom Loghrin from his parents.
Members of the Stratford Legion, formed in 1926, were looking for a new home and the Loghrin residence was for sale.  It was valued at $7,500 but it was sold for $4,500 in 1929 with the proviso that the building be named the "Loghrin Memorial Home".  A further $3,000 was required to remodel the building and it was opened on May 24, 1930.¹³  The original front of the building still stands but an addition has been added to the back. 
In the foyer hangs Sam's picture, inscribed: 
Samuel Monteith Loghrin
  Alderman Stratford 1914
    Major 18th Regiment C.E.F.
      Killed at Courcelette
        15th Sept., 1916

The front of the Stratford Legion taken in May, 2005.  Tom Loghrin's picture with Marg Loghrin in the doorway.
Sam, a captain at the time, was one of few Canadian Officers who carried his rank without being demoted when he came under command of the Imperial Army.  He, Major Samuel Loghrin, and his half-brother, Corporal Donald Jeffrey, were in the 18th Battalion and were killed on the same day at Courcelette, France.  Their names appear every year in the Book of Remembrance, Memorial Chambers, Peace Tower, Parliament Building, Ottawa.
This snapshot was taken in the foyer of the Stratford Legion in May, 2005 by Tom Loghrin.
  He did return and was the "energetic" captain of the second football team a year later.°  Sam completed a wide variety of courses and achieved first or second class standing in "Agriculture", "Veterinary Anatomy", "Chemistry", "Veterinary Pathology", "Horticulture", "Entomolgy", "Practical Horse" among others.** His uncle, Nelson Monteith, is listed as his guardian on the O.A.C. registration forms.^^
In 1897, Sam completed a three month course at the London Infantry School; he scored 67 of a possible 70 points and was "gazetted" as 1st Lieut. of Co. 6, in the 28th Battalion, Stratford.  He had a reputation as a crack shot; it was suggested that, "he may be looked upon as a future member of our Bisley team."°°
After completing his education, he learned tannery and whip manufacturing with his future father-in-law at the Scholz Tannery.  He married Jessie, daughter of John Frank Scholz and Jane Cook, May 10, 1899.¹²  They carried on the business as there were no Scholz boys and lived in the Scholz home.  Indeed the 1911 Census indicates that Jessie and Sam lived at 207 St. Patrick St. S. with Jessie's sister Elizabeth as head of the house;  Sam was a "whip maker".
        ¹ William J. Keith wrote that Sam was buried in the Canadian Cemetery, Courcelette, France but information from states that Major S. M. Loghrin has "no known grave"and his name is listed on the Vimy Memorial.
        ² Douglas A. Hill's e-mail message, "Life of Radcliffe Loghrin", to Tom Loghrin, July 31, 2004.  Document on file with Tom Loghrin.
        ³ Buried in Avondale Cemetery, Stratford.
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This undated photo is from the Stratford Beacon- Herald.
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