Generation IV    Parent

Jane May Keith¹        
b. Dec. 12, 1880 - d. Dec. 24, 1944

Jane was born in Pilkington township at the homestead, Lot 4, Concession 2.  She lived at home and when her father retired in 1905, they lived in Elora. 
She married George Armishaw, the son of Thomas Smith Armishaw and Margaret J. Hood, on July 19, 1913.   George's father was born in Staffordshire, England in 1850.  He came to Wellington County in 1870 and by his marriage in 1875 to Margaret Hood, daughter of Thomas Hood, became identified with one of the most prominent pioneer families in the county.  Thomas rented and then purchased, "Elderslie", a beautiful home and substantial farm near Guelph from the Hood family.³  George grew up there.

George Victor² Armishaw
b. July 23, 1882 - d. July 19, 1974²
George Keith  Armishaw, b. Sept. 16, 1915 - d. Oct. 5, 2004         
Thomas Hood Armishaw, b. 1918
Margaret Jean Armishaw, b. 1921          
Mary Loghrin Armishaw, b. 1923 
Grace Elizabeth Armishaw, b. 1927         

        ¹ Buried in Union Cemetery, Portage La Prairie (from William J. Keith's original account)
        ² Margaret Lamb in a telephone conversation with Tom Loghrin, Mar. 23, 2006
        ³ Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario, (Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906), p. 12  This information was confirmed in a telephone conversation with Grace Street on Nov. 8, 2006.
* Mary Gourley in a letter to Tom Loghrin, Mar. 6, 2006
        Editor's  note: All photos are copies of ones from Margaret Lamb's collection.

The Armishaw farm
George and Jane lived on a mixed farm he had settled about 15 miles southwest of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba in 1907.  George had gone west with his brothers, Bert and William and then, five years later, went "home" and asked Jane to marry him!  The farm was in the Hood District which is now largely owned by a Hutterite colony.  George's second name was for his uncle, Victor Hood;  since Victor had the largest family, the school was started in his house.  By 1908 enough money had been collected to build the Hood School.  That school no longer exists.²

Any wheat that was sold from the farm went to the elevator in Treherne.  Flour was ground there for bread and about the only things purchased in town were raisins, brown sugar and oatmeal.  Everything else came from the farm.²
Mary Gourley recalled, "My mother was strong and was a big help to Dad.  She was small but mighty; when she died, she weighed about 100 lbs."*  She died in Portage La Prairie Hospital on Dec. 24, 1944 after a short illness.

Keith, Jane, Margaret, Grace, Mary, George and Tom Armishaw Circa 1937
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