Generation VII                Parents

Bradley William McClanahan                
b. 1964                                                   

Brad was born in Kapuskasing and raised on the riverbank until his parents relocated Smooth Rock Falls in 1971.  Brad completed grade school and started high school there until he was relocated to Waterloo where his father started a new job at the University of Waterloo.  Brad completed high school at Waterloo Collegiate in 1983.
After he worked in the security field for a year, he found a job in a textile factory in 1985.  During this time he also met and, after many years of courting, married Denise Anne Hehn from a local small town, St. Clements, on July 25, 1992.  In December, 1993 Denise and Brad were delighted at the arrival of their son David.  In 1996 they once again added to their family with the delivery of their daughter Katherine.
Denise has been employed with the warehouse of Home Hardware Stores in St. Jacobs since 1989 where she still remains employed.
After 20 years of service as a shift leader at the textile mill, Brad found himself unemployed and starting over as the mill closed.  Brad is now happily employed as a delivery truck driver for a local shop.
Brad, Denise and the kids enjoy a wide assortment of auto racing, fishing and some hunting.  Brad and Denise spend time watching the kids partake in an assortment of sports.  The family are also proud members of the Kitchener Waterloo Aquarium Society.

David Thomas McClanahan b. 1993
Katherine Grace McClanahan b. 1996

(Bradley McClanahan, 2007)
The Loghrin Family History
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Denise Anne Hehn
b. 1966
L. to R.: Brad McClanahan, Jane Hurst, Wayne McClanahan, Pam Schmidt, Bill McClanahan, Donna Loghrin, Madilyn Schmidt-MClanahan (in front), Kate McClanahan, Frances Lawson, Liz McNally, Don Loghrin, Judy Kompf, Marg Loghrin, Bill Loghrin, at the Heidelberg Inn, May, 2008