The Loghrin Family History
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Generation IV         Parent

Elizabeth Loghrin¹                                              
b. Nov. 30, 1868 - d. Sept. 27, 1935

Elizabeth was born in Nichol township Nov. 30, 1868.  She was only six years old when her father died.  Later she lived with her mother on London Road, Guelph.
She taught school for a while and on June 21, 1893 she married William Cook,
son of George and Eliza Ann Reid.  They were married at her mother's residence on Delhi St., Guelph, Ontario.*   Witnesses at the wedding were Maud Loghrin, Elizabeth's youngest sister, and John Robert Cook.**
They lived on 2921/2 Robert St. in Toronto; William was a federal civil servant working as an "inland revenue officer"**.  At the time of Marguerite's wedding in 1930, Elizabeth lived at "6 Broadway", Toronto.*;
She was raised Episcopalian but became a Presbyterian after her marriage and tradition says she played the organ at the Presbyterian church. 
William died after a two week illness.³  She died from pneumonia while visiting her daughter, Marguerite, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  At that time she was a widow, had lived in Toronto for more than 40 years and was attending Bloor Street United Church.*

Mary Louise Cook, b. Sept. 26, 1895 - July 11, 1976*
Lillian Marguerite* Cook, b. Dec. 26, 1901- July 24, 1997*
Frances Loghrin Cook, b. May 17, 1904 - d. July 1, 1968^

        ¹ Buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.
        ² 1901 Census.
        ³ Registration of Deaths, 1869 - 1934, MS935 Reel 194, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
        * Information received in a letter from Elizabeth Kot, Elizabeth (Loghrin) Cook's granddaughter, to Tom Loghrin, Mar. 20, 2006.
        ** Registration of Marriages, 1869 - 1922, MS932 Reel 80, Archives of Ontario, Toronto.
        ^ Buried in the Loghrin plot, Johnson Cemetery, Barrie Hill.
William Reid Cook
b. Sept. 5, 1850² - d. Mar. 5, 1914³