Generation VII                Parent

Shelley Anne McClanahan                                        
b. 1963                                                

Born in Chatham, Shelley moved to Kingsville with the family in 1966.  She attended Kingsville Public and High Schools.  After graduating from Grade 13 in June 1982, she was accepted at the University of Guelph where she graduated in Wildlife Management in 1986.  Scott was in that course too and they were married Dec. 21, 1985, five months before both graduated.  They lived in Guelph since Scott had a job there.  Shelley worked for a few years in a retail position, but became a home maker when Nathaniel was born.  When the children got to school age, Shelley home-schooled them up to Grade 7.  Scott has a job as Sales and Office Manager for a Guelph company that sells veterinary products that are alternatives to chemical drugs.

Nathaniel Scott Mohr b. 1988
Joel Alan Mohr b. 1991
Lindsey Michelle Mohr b. 1996

(Robert J. McClanahan, 2005)
Scott Alan Mohr
b. 1964
The Loghrin Family History
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