Generation VII                Parent

Brenda Lee McClanahan                                
b. 1958                                        

Born in Chatham, Brenda started school there then moved with the family to Kingsville in 1966, continuing her education in Kingsville Public and High School.  A two year course at St. Clair College led to a certificate in Landscape Technology (1979).  She was employed at Ursuline College in Chatham as Head Gardener for two years.  After being laid off at that job, she returned to Kingsville and had seasonal employment at the Harrow Research Station.
Brenda and René were married at Tilbury, Ont. on Feb. 11, 1984 and following that they lived on their farm on Con. 11, Tilbury W. Township.  They moved to another farm near Gesto but eventually René gave up farming to drive transport trucks for various companies.  In 2000 they bought a house at 25 Hanlan St. N., Essex.  Brenda took a job with Sorenson's Greenhouses in Ruthven, potting cactus gardens, in 1998.

Nicole Elizabeth Soulliere b. 1985
Brian Patrick Soulliere b. 1987
(Robert McClanahan, 2005)
René Roger Soulliere
b. 1950
The Loghrin Family History
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