The Loghrin Family History
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Margaret G. McDonald
b. June 19, 1869¹ - d. Dec., 1901³

Adaline G. Harvey*
b. 1866** - d. Oct. 7, 1937^
Generation IV                        Parents

William Loghrin Hanna                        
b. Dec. 6, 1869¹ - d. Mar. 10, 1927²        
William Loghrin Hanna's "Declaration of Intention",
Apr. 15, 1912.  Note that the name and birth date match exactly with previously known information.

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        *  California Passenger and Crew Lists [database on-line].  Provo, UT, USA.  William stated that their contact in Monrovia was his brother-in-law, J. W. Harvey.  No proof of  William and Adaline's marriage has been found but his wife is listed as "Adaline" in all references after his move to the USA.
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        °° This picture was taken by E. L. Lane, Fort William, Canada and submitted by LeRoy Hanna.
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William married Margaret, daughter of James McDonald and Margaret Dods, July 9, 1894 in Belwood, Ontario.  At the time his residence was in Port Arthur, Ontario and he was a clerk in "B. L. B.".  Margaret was from Belwood; they were both Presbyterians.  Witnesses at the wedding were Thomas McDonald and Martha Loghrin^^, probably William's mother's first cousin.

The 1901 Census indicated that William and Margrett [sic] were in Fort William, Ontario and that he was a merchant; no earnings were reported.  At that time his younger brother, Robert, was living in the neighbouring town of Port Arthur.°

The following article appeared in the Fort William Daily Times Journal, Dec. 19, 1901.  "The sad news of the death of Mrs. Wm. Hanna, at her home in Medicine Hat, caused a gloom to be cast over the town.  While residing here Mrs. Hanna formed a large circle of friends who will mourn her loss."³

John Hanna b. May 14, 1899¹°

Although oral family history suggested that William moved to Montana, in fact, he emigrated to California.  He travelled aboard the steamship Umatilla from Victoria, B.C. to San Francisco on Feb. 17, 1907 with his wife "Adaline  G."  William said their contact was "J. W. Harvey, his brother-in-law" in Monrovia, California.¹¹
In 1912 he signed a "Declaration of Intention" to become an U.S. citizen and lived at 130 W. White Oak Ave., Monrovia.  He stated that he arrived at Duluth, Minnesota on board the Huronia, Oct. 15, 1908 and that his last residence in Canada was Port Arthur.  He became a citizen of the U.S. on Oct. 15, 1918 and at that time lived on Myrtle Ave. in Monrovia.¹²

Through the various documents his occupation is described as clothes cleaner, dry cleaner, laundry manager, and merchant.

Adaline emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1896. After William's death, she lived at 322 S. Heliotrope Ave. in Monrovia.  In 1930 her home was valued at $3500 and her lodger, 21 year old James Ryan, was a bank clerk.¹³

Margaret and William Hanna, ~1900°°