The Loghrin Family History
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Generation IV                        Parents

Jane (Jennie) Hanna                                
b. July, 1862¹ - d. Mar. 7, 1883²

Jennie married Caleb Cull, son of Harvey Cull and Rhoda Larter, on Mar. 22, 1882 in W. Garafraxa Township.*  Caleb is listed as methodist and Jennie as presbyterian.  Callab [sic] farmed in West Garafraxa.**  They had no family and Jennie died just less than a year after their marriage.
Caleb later married Marjorie Bell^ and they had five children.  Sometime after 1901, they left Wellington County and resettled in Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan; in 1911 they were in Assiniboia.  When Arthur was drafted in June, 1918, he and his father lived in Howard, Saskatchewan.^^

Mary Cull b. Jan. 15, 1890
William H. Cull b. Aug. 11, 1891
Harvey C. Cull, b. May 21, 1894
Arthur Robert Cull, b. Dec. 24, 1895°°
Irene Cull, b. Sept. 25, 1900
Caleb Cull
b. Feb. 14, 1857³
Arthur Robert Cull's attestation paper, June 8, 1918.
        ¹ This approximate date is deduced from her record of death; her age at death was "20 years, 8 months".
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        ** 1881 Census, Canada; "Callab" is listed as a methodist, 22 year old farmer.
        ^ Bell-11015, WikiTree, Tom Loghrin, profile manager; contribution by Angela Brown.  There is record of Marjory [sic] Cull's death in Creelman, Saskatchewan about 1946.
        ^^ Attestation Papers, Soldiers of the First World War CEF, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.  On-line at
        ° Dates and names are from the 1901 Census; these dates have yet to be verified.  This family has not been traced beyond this point as the children are not Jennie's descendants.
        °° The date in his attestation papers is 1894.