The Loghrin Family History
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Generation V         Parents

James Henry Arnold Hanna
b. Feb. 28, 1893 - d. Feb. 7, 1983¹

Arnold, born West Garafraxa Township, Wellington County, Ontario, attended school until grade four at which time he had to quit and help at home.³
In March, 1910 he came west to Tuxford, Saskatchewan where he worked for Mr. Nichol and claimed a homestead.  In the fall of 1911 Arnold moved to Richardson and lived with his sister and brother-in-law, Lil and Oscar Stacey.  He worked in the Richardson and Gray area until his mother died in 1915; at that time he worked for the summer in Ontario making tile so that he could afford to bring his sisters west to be with Lil.  In the fall of 1917 he worked for William Sloan and rented a small house in Richardson for the girls to live in.³
Late in 1918 he rented land from George Aikins and began farming.  He paid $4,000.00 for 8 horses, 4 pigs, 3 cows, cultivator, plough, 8' disc, 8' binder, mower and some household furniture.  That left $150.00 for him and the girls to live on until spring.  His first crop in 1919 produced 3,000 bushels of grain; the 1920 crop rusted, the 1921 crop was hailed but came back to produce a fair yield and 1922 was wet with no crop.  Arnold remained on the Aikins farm until 1837.³
In the winter of 1926-27 he went back to Ontario and met Nellie Chalmers, a teacher at Carmel School near Fergus.  Nellie was the daughter of John Chalmers and Elizabeth Lampsey.*  In the following winter he returned and they were married on Mar. 3, 1928.³
They lived on the Aikins farm where the house was so cold that, when the wind blew from the southeast, the family stayed in the living room around the Quebec heater.  When the wind was from the northeast, they lived in the kitchen.  The winter potato supply was stored against the wall between the two rooms to keep them from freezing.  The summer water supply from the creek was strained through a cloth so it could be used for drinking and melted snow was used in winter.³
Arnold and his brother Loyd farmed various sections of land in the Richardson area and in 1946 Arnold purchased three quarters of a section of land adjoining Richardson from Clare Kyle; that is the present Hanna farm.  Arnold and Nellie remained on this farm until the fall of 1978.  Arnold then lived at the Regina Lutheran Home until his death.³

Mabel Annie Hanna b. 1929
Harold Arnold Hanna b. 1934
Betty Irene Hanna b. 1938

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Ellen (Nellie) Smith Chalmers
b. Oct. 22, 1900² - d. Dec. 23, 1978³