1949 Tweedside Farm (Dad's Birthplace & Childhood Home) near Kinnear's Mills QC
Helen Allan with Donald Nugent, Laddie (Dog), Joy Thompson Nugent, (Dad's sister), Margaret Allan, Aunt E (Edith Montgomery Allan), Grandma Thompson (Mabel Hall Thompson), "The Anglia", Dad's 1st car, Dad (Allan Lloyd Thompson), Aunt Bert (Roberta Little Allan),
 George Thompson, Grandpa Thompson (George Allan Thompson), Mom  (Catherine Reikie Thompson).
Am I (Margaret Eleanor Thompson Loghrin) in the car or with the photographer?

1949 Granddaddy & Granny Reikie's 40th Wedding Anniversary in Montreal West
George, Dad, Thorpe, Alice (Mom's special cousin), Ker,
Mae, Bryce, Granny, Granddaddy, Margaret, Mom

1955 Grandma & Grandpa Thompson's 40th Anniversary
at Tweedside Farm
Murray & Joy (Thompson) Nugent, Mom, Dad
Donald, Margaret, George,
Judy, Grandpa, Grandma, Dale
1958 Christmas in Larchmont, N.Y. at Ker & Dorothy's
Mom, Dad, Dorothy, Ker,
Margaret, George
Granddaddy & Granny Reikie's 50th Wedding Anniversary in Edmonton AB
1962 Montreal West  Dad, Margaret, George
Granddaddy, Granny, David, Mom, Corky (Dog)
1966 Montreal  Dad, Marg, David, Mom. George
1971 Marg's Wedding Thunder Bay
1971 Christmas in Montreal
1979 Christmas at Tarpon Springs FL
1980 Man & His World, Montreal
1981 Christmas at Rocky Meadows
1989 Christmas at Rocky Meadows
1991 at Dale's Wedding Inverness QC
1943 Wedding
1983 40th Wedding Anniversary
2003 60th Wedding Anniversary