The Sign Project
The old guy does get lots of help with his projects.  For this one a friend of Ray's donated the used cedar boards.  There were several steps to this project for Grandma's signs. 
  • The boards were run through the planer to clean them up.
  • Dallas and Meghan took turns routing the letters.
  • They also took turns putting black paint in those routed letters.
  • Grandpa ran the signs through the planer again to remove excess paint.
  • The gang showed up to post the signs on Grandma's "Evergreen Trails"!

Dallas routing letters;  the job was partially freehand so it took lots of concentration.
Meghan, in Grandpa's smock, painting a sign for "Old Sawmill Rd.".
Just a few of the many signs before they went through the planer for the final time.
Meghan, Anna and Andy (just part of the posting crew) posing in front of the starting point of the "Evergreen Trails".
Now everyone can ride the trails, read the signs and still get lost!
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