December, 2003 marked the demise of the old welder.  The new blue machine, a Miller AC/DC, does the job better than the BuzzBox ever did!
The 40 year old Sears table saw still works well with the table extensions covered with purple arborite;  no wonder it was in the bargain bin!  The router has its own spot in the extended table and is setup so that the table saw fence can be used for routing jobs.  Thanks to son-in-law Dale for the idea.
The "pattern" set out the holes in the uprights for wall storage racks.  The vise on the drill press table, a gift from Karen a while ago, is very useful.
Included in the wall storage is a plywood lift operated by a CTC boat winch.  As intended, it stores plywood and other assorted large pieces safely out of the way.  Yes, it does have a safety chain.
Pieces salvaged from Marg's battered garden wheelbarrow became a "tool"barrow with foldaway handles.
After doing without for many years, it's very nice to have a good wood vise. Barry donated the parts.
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Have you ever wondered what to do with those old slider windows you pulled out of the house?  Use them to build closed in shelves;  they keep the dust out and the contents are visible.  Thanks to Dianne McParland for the idea.  It's no good if you throw things!     The fridge?  That was in the shop went we returned from the West in June, 2003 thanks to renovations to Sue and Pete's travel trailer.  It has become an essential part of the operation!
It's not a big place so it's important that everything, including the anvil, can be tucked away for the rare occasions when I have to work on a vehicle.  The building, after all, is a garage.   It sure is a great place to work in January!