This photo, taken by CoraLee Romano, shows what we hope will be a ShihTzu proof gate.  One of the girls chewed her way through the old wooden gate; I challenge her to chew through this one!  You can see more of the Romano Shih Tzus.

There are never enough clamps!  Marg special ordered a console for the truck.  Among other things, there is a map drawer, kleenex storage and a shelf for her purse.  After much gluing and clamping, the custom design fits and works well!  It even has a "secret" compartment.
At Christmas in 2002 there was too much ice to ride the horses so son-in-law Dale and brother-in-law David volunteered to rebuild "Board Bridge", one of several bridges on our network of trails at Rocky Meadows.  Dale was handy with the saw!  You can see some of the things Dale and his group produce in their shop.
This variety of roller stands serve different purposes.  The one on the left (in the dark!) is topped with an old car jack to allow easy "fine tuning" in height.  The middle one is for general purposes and the wide one on the right supports longer stock and plywood going through Barry's bench saw.
Pete is showing off the John Deere paint scheme on his portable saddle rack.  It began with a $20 CTC dolly and grew from there!
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