The old groomer fabricated from two used hydro spools with slats nailed to them served its purpose but, after several years, rot invaded and the 1x2 slats were breaking ever more frequently.
Pete supplied an old roller covered with expanded metal from one of our former downhill ski areas .  Although it had settled into the ground, it was not badly corroded.  Its nine foot width was too wide for our trails so I cut it in half and placed the rollers one behind the other.
The front roller and drag are attached to the 3-point hitch and can be picked up if the going gets heavy.  Of course, that increases the weight on the rear drive wheels;  it has helped me through a couple of tight spots already!
The second roller and drag can each be disconnected as conditons dictate. 
Neighbour Barry said, "That's the best thing you ever built!".  He had just finished a high speed tour of the trails on his ATV.
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