P. S. Unfortunately, the saw repair didn't work out. I am now the proud owner of a new saw - a Stihl 036.  We still heat the house with wood but, as I grow older, natural gas looks more and more inviting.

Tom at the woodpile with Barry's house in the background.  (Barry's photo)
8 foot lengths at Rocky Meadows
Our wood furnace keeps us toasty warm in the winter IF I get enough wood cut! In the winter of 2000 - 2001 our good neighbour, Barry, donated all the poplar in his back yard. I agreed to cut it and haul it home but procrastinated until March when I had to plow lots of snow to get it out. (Marg and Barry finally goaded me into firing up the saw!) I also underestimated how much was there - what a mess of wood! It grew to be 25 cords which should keep us warm for about three years.
The job did not always go smoothly. I accidentally cut a couple of trees on Barry's neighbour's property so I had to negotiate my way out of that one. Fortunately, folks around here are quite forgiving so I avoided a jail term! Then, just as I was finishing up the job and headed home for lunch, I backed the tractor wheel over the chainsaw - well, partly anyway. Even with that one I may be lucky; John, at Thunder Bay Chainsaws thinks he can bring it to life again for under $100. I got the wood split and piled without further incident.

To make sure that I had no excuse to quit after I tried to crush the old Stihl, Barry very kindly loaned me his Husqvarna. He did add some safety features - for his saw that is!
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