The J.I. Case Company once had its own trains to haul machinery around the country.
There was much to see at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion;  it will take at least another visit just to cover all the bases.
The 28 HP American Able, "Cock of the North" steamer pulled a ten furrow plough.  Will your riding lawn mower do that?
Avery tractors and machinery (below) were featured at the show.  Note that the tractor is almost as big as the threshing machine.
Another Avery plowed in the field across the road from the exhibition grounds.
These steam shovels did demos all day and a spark show at night.  It's reputed to be the biggest steam shovel show on the continent.
Have you heard of a McCormick Deering 22-36?  I had not.
Study the picture carefully;  there are two steam engines driving a single lineshaft.  The operators said it was a challenge to get the engines operating so that they shared the load equally.
The Farm
Everything on the farm was done with horses;  Marg particularly enjoyed it.  The teams of horses in the foreground drove the threshing machine.