In Memory of Finnegan......
  An Introduction
    The Nor'Westers
  Horse Activities
    Driving Sleighs & Buggies
    Our Herd
    Riding the Nor'westers (1)
    Riding the Nor'Westers (2)
  Keeping Things Going
    Chainsaw Story
    Digging Among the Rocks
    Model A
    Shop Construction
    Shop & Projects
    Loghrin Family Tree
    Marg's Parents
  With the Horses
    British Columbia
    Cypress Hills
    Great March West (Man.)
    Mattawa & Algonquin
    S. Ontario
    S. Quebec
    Wild Deuce Sale
  Without the Horses
    British Columbia '03
    Lake Superior Circle Tour
    Minnesota Horse Expo
    Oregon '14
    Threshermen's Reunion, Austin
    Threshermen's Reunion, Rollag
    Trips 2010 (Calgary, Minnesota,
       Ottawa, Regina, S. Ontario)
    Trips 2013 (Ont., Que., etc.)
Welcome to Tom and Marg's web site.  Most of the topics consist of a set of pictures with some commentary.  Enjoy your visit.
Rocky Meadows, at the back dot, is a ten acre patch of ground in Thunder Bay bordering the Fort William First Nation.  We are nestled at the base of the Nor'Westers, a series of Precambrian mesas that parallel the shore of Lake Superior from the city to the U.S. border. The scenery is spectacular.
Horses are our hobby and the three of them: Dutch, "J" and Skip do lots for us.