Glen Wright's place is in Loman, Minnesota a few miles west of International Falls.  It made our first day of travel a short one, a good idea we thought as one never knows how long border crossings will take these days.  Glen and his daughter, Shana, welcomed us and we were soon settled in the campground.
Beloeil says, "Where are my buddies?" and, "Why am I tied to this post?"
Glen has many miles of trails but the ones along the river were the favourites.
Leaves in the river
Reflections in the pool
Spence having a drink while Beloeil and Casey standby
Glen's horse, Acorn, enjoying a munch at lunchtime;  that's Marg in the background over the cantle.
Shana offering Princess Polyester a sip of water
Shana and Glen took turns guiding us and that was much appreciated as trails are not marked and there are lots of them.  After a couple of days we figured out the orientation of the river and a couple of the tributaries and thus began to get the hang of things.  Whitetails were everywhere.  On our second evening hayride I lost count of how many we saw!  The hayrides were another opportunity to get "the lay of the land".
A whitetail checking out Beloeil and me.
The hummocky moss and lichens in the black spruce forest
One of the many bridges with a broad, trimmed trail beyond
Shana did most of the guiding because Glen was busy preparing a pig roast for Saturday night.  The pig was delicious and we met many of Glen's family and friends.
Glen is guite an innovative, inventive fellow.  His bridges are often old semi trailers sometimes with cables to anchor them in times of high water.  The shower facility used gravity feed and worked well.   The BBQ did a great job of cooking the pig!
One of the "semi" bridges
It worked and with hot water too!
We didn't leave much pork!
The stop at Dancing Sky was a great way to start our trip.
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