We set up picket lines in Sheyenne National Grasslands to ride a piece of the North Country Scenic Trail and were pleasantly surprised to be in savannah with copses of oak trees, not just flat grassland.  Water for the horses was some distance from camp so we stayed only two nights.  Ring-necked pheasants and sharp tailed grouse were common along the roadsides as we drove out.
We camped at the trailhead in the northeast corner of the map.
The trail through a grove of trees
If your eyesight is good, you'll see the acorns on the ground.
The easy way to pump water
You can lead a horse to water but ...
Beloeil was thirsty and he did eventually drink;  Marg just had to convince him that everything was safe!
Marg trying out a new way to open a gate.  It was spring loaded so it would always return to its closed position.
A closeup of the sign on the gate
The big cottonwoods just inside the gate
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