The Little Missouri River taken from TX Trail in the northwest corner of the park
Marg and Casey heading down Travois, one of the easy trails, early in the morning
Little Missouri State Park is an area of spectacular badlands near Killdeer, North Dakota.  The landscape is heavily eroded and provides breathtaking views from many of the trails.  The campsite is on the plateau at the edge of the badlands area so the trails go along the ridges and down into the canyons.  The trails are rated easy, moderate or difficult; the difficult ones, to use a fellow camper's description, "really get your adrenalin going!"  Sometimes they're only a couple of feet wide with 200 or 300 foot drops on each side!  The riding was fantastic.
A colourful hillside
Casey says, "Where is that lake?"
A bay of Lake Sakakawea once filled the wide bottomed valley in the distance but the region has had drought conditions for several years.  As a result the bay bottom is filled with rushes, grass and small poplars.
What killed the coyote?
Some plants survive the drought
Cattle graze in the park.
The trail map provided was excellent but we still got lost for short times more than once!  The cattle like to rub on the posts marking the trails and sometimes the posts were missing as a result.  In other places the trail marking crew hadn't caught up with trail revisions.
Lake Sakakawea "shoreline" along TX Trail
This sign over the main gate certainly helped to get us on the right path!  Although the colours don't show up well in the photo, it was colour coded to suggest the level of difficulty of each trail.
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