At the Park entrance with Marg
The French Creek Camp, a large and busy campground, is in the heart of Custer State Park.
A pool along the French Creek Trail
Bison were everywhere!
Along Wildlife Loop
On the lawn at the Norbeck Center
On the sidewalk
Trail conditions varied and were quite rugged in places.  Beloeil got quite fedup with the rocky crossings on French Creek.  A fellow camper said he counted over 20 crossings on that section of trail.  They were unavoidable because the creek flows in a canyon and meanders from side to side.  Although the footing wasn't ideal, the scenery was outstanding!
The Peter Norbeck Visitor Center with detail of the stone work and copper downspout
Remnant of a logging camp at the south end of Sawmill Draw
The view just south of Mt. Coolidge on a cold, windy day after climbing up Sawmill Draw
The 22 miles of the Centennial Trail are marked by fiberglass posts in the Park and I realized after we rode from Elk Haven that I could have spent a day on horseback and ridden from French Creek to Elk Haven.  Marg would have had the pleasure of driving the rig to Elk Haven along Iron Mountain Rd., the road with no shoulders!  Maybe it's a good thing I didn't do that horseback ride!
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