Marg with Beloeil and Casey on the Iron Creek Trail (South Playhouse Rd.)
Big rock along Iron Creek
Picturesque trail near hwy. 16A
The trail for the half hour ride from Elk Haven to the beginning of the Iron Creek Trail and access to the Black Elk Wilderness was well worn and easy to follow.  We soon discovered how to avoid the short stretch of riding along the shoulder of Hwy. 16A by going around Lake Lakota.
Mona Zeeck and her family (There were five generations present for a while!) made us feel at home from the moment we arrived.  Marg eagerly gave up cooking and ate breakfast and buffalo burgers at the cafe!
Rock face at the northeast end of Lake Lakota
Lake Lakota
The "trail" to Mt. Rushmore
Casey was unimpressed with the faces
The faces
Casey was the only horse at the hitching rail but I was not alone!
The seven and a half hour ride on Sept. 27th was a thrill as I had never been to Mt. Rushmore.  Everyone at camp told me that the best part was the ice cream when I got there;  they were right! 
When I walked out to the view the faces, I was wearing my spurs, chaps and hat.  A woman asked, "Are you a real cowboy?"  I looked around and replied, "I guess I'm as good as you're going to get."  We had a chat and her husband took a picture of us.  The story got a good laugh when I returned to camp.
Trails in the Black Elk Widerness were very well marked.
The boys rested while Marg and I explored among the rocks west of Lake Lakota.
Sunset from Elk Haven Horse Camp
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