Beloeil, Spence and Casey in their paddock
The hills were surrounded by cropland: largely soybeans and corn.
This fellow kept an eye on us as we rode by.
The Bunkhouse farmyard with Houston, Minnesota in the background
Nature's red
When Jim has erected a sign, pay heed!
Leaving in the early morning fog
Our last stop was at The Bunkhouse near Houston, Minn. where the boys had a paddock all to themselves.  At other campsites they had been tied or in small pens.  The riding was through wooded hills in full autumn splendour and we found one trail, Jackie's Jaunt, that was the steepest of the entire trip.  Casey wasn't so sure he could climb it but he did with my urging.  Jim has the co-operation of more than a dozen landowners to allow trails to meander through their properties.
There is always a little melancholy at the end of a trip but the return to Canada through Wisconsin on Oct. 5th was a beautiful drive.  The trails at home were pretty too!
Thunderbird Trail about two kilometers south of our house on the first day we rode after our return.
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