Crossing the Little Missouri River just east of the BarX on the Maah Daah Hey Trail
Doug Tescher's BarX Ranch is just a couple of miles south of Medora, N.D., a town that's full of tourists in the summer and is empty in September!
Mile Post 0.0
Spence and Beloeil were unimpressed by the sign.
We rode only a short piece of the Maah Daah Hey Trail.  Hopefully, we'll go back sometime and ride north from the BarX into Theodore Roosevelt Park.
A typical scene in the area
Mulies leaving
That's the Little Missouri down there
The Bully Pulpit Golf Course taken from a butte where we had lunch on Sept. 19th and watched the golfers below
The BarX was recommended by a couple we met at Little Missouri.  We had planned to stay at the Sully Creek State Park across the river but the BarX was a good stop;  the riding was beautiful and we had electricity to recharge the batteries after a couple of days of miserable, cold weather we endured at Little Missouri.
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