Our friends, the Aylward family, live in Creston, B.C. and on this occasion Dan gave us a demonstration of hot shoeing.  Marg and I had read about it but had never seen it done.  Dan got each shoe hot and shaped and then touched it to the Ben's hoof just enough for the shoe to seat itself.  The nailing and filing went as in cold shoeing as far as we could see.  The finished job looked excellent although the other spectators didn't seem to care much!
After supper with the Dennis's in Lundbreck, Alta., Val drove us around to take a look at the windmills on the Cowley Ridge and elsewhere.  Val has been doing some of the electrical work on the new installations.  One thing is for sure,  the new ones or much bigger than the old ones.  Marg is standing beside the base of a big one just off the highway near Pincher Creek.  It's late in the day and getting dark but you can see the diameter of the base compared to Marg.
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