That afternoon, on another of those breaks in the day for some exercise,  we came across an interesting ruin in Greenwood.  Greenwood is on the Crowsnest route a hundred or so kilometers east of Osoyoos.  The slag pile was topped with bell shapes.  The chimney in the distance drew us like a magnet.
The view back into Osoyoos is beautiful.
The vertical part of the chimney was still in good condition but the sloped part leading to its base had fallen into ruin.  Information at the local museum which included a scale model suggested that the sloped part was included in the design of the chimney to deliver the smoke into the atmosphere further from the smelter than would otherwise have been possible.  Much of the brick "ceiling" had caved in.
The lower end of the sloping chimney was in relatively good shape.  Marg trusted it for a picture!  The openings along the base in the right hand picture were used to control the draft.  We spent more time in Greenwood than we intended.
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