The CAG winery tour was outstanding!  The first stop at Cherry Point was very informative;  these vines have never had frost.  They are only a few hundred meters from the ocean on the east side of Vancouver Island.  Marg was off on another field trip so I bought her a treat, Cherry Point's (wild) Blackberry Port.  It was a hit!  She ordered a case of it when we got home.  We're still sipping on it. (Mar/04)
A bunch of happy Geographers  Lunch at the second stop was delicious.  Can you figure out  who had to drive the van?
Our after lunch stop was a contrast.  The operator believed in organic growing so the grass and weeds grew among the vines.  He was quite a character!  Note his footwear!  But.... he knew his wine and was very generous with the samples.  For some reason we were well behind schedule by that time and never did get to the last scheduled winery.
Supper and Royal Roads
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