Availability of pictures is a problem in this section because a thief broke into our truck in downtown Prince George, took the camera and threw away a couple of rolls of pictures.  The RCMP knew the culprit so they picked him up immediately.  The camera was returned but not the film!  In addition, the camera had a minor light leak that somehow repaired itself by the time we got to Vancouver Island.
        In spite of the smashed side windows in the truck,  Prince George was an interesting place.  The display of forestry and railway equipment at the "Expo" grounds was good.  The Riverside Gallery is a magnificent building.
        Many vehicles were parked along the Skeena River as we approached Prince Rupert so I stopped to ask what was happening.  They were fishing for Chinook salmon.  This fellow and his new bride spent the afternoon along the river and were rewarded with what he figured was a 30 pounder!
Then it was down the Inside Passage to Port Hardy on the north end of Vancouver Island.  Prince Rupert's terminal elevator showed up through the mist and clouds shortly after we left the dock.  Occasionally we saw other traffic in the channnel.  In spite of the clouds and light rain, it was a beautiful trip.
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