Marg does her best to ensure a break in each day’s travel to allow for a walk.  On this day we explored the remains of the Brooks aqueduct; it was once an integral part of the irrigation system in the area.  This particular piece of the aqueduct shown to the right is a syphon that took the water under the railway track.  Interesting, I think.  The picture below illustrates the size of the structure.  The cross-section is not a semi-circle;  it was engineered to be something other than that to allow the water to flow with the lleast resistance possible.  It's well worth a stop if you're going through Brooks, Alta.
        Marty and Alice Dewis (Marg's Auntie Alice) entertained us in Calgary and came out to check out the truck and camper before they bid us farewell.
        In Edmonton our friends Bob and Cathy Breckenridge introduced us to their neighbour, Don Philips, a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.  When he discovered our interest in horses,  he took us for a tour of the base and that included, much to our surprise, a look at horses.  Who knew that the army has had a mounted troop longer than the RCMP?   Unfortunately, we arrived just as the Lord Strathcona's Horse  finished their practice maneuvers.
        They do ceremonial things similar to the RCMP; they often perform at Spruce Meadows and were planning a trip east during the summer of 2003.  The troop posed for pictures.  Afterward, we had a very informative visit with a couple of troop members and discovered that their "taste  in horses is much like ours.
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Northern B.C. and the Inside Passage
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