Horsebacking Around Creston: Diary Excerpts



Tues., June 21, 1994 ... Rode with Stan and Kandy toward Creston. Some very nice views - rode past orchards and through coniferous bush. ... An excellent introductory ride today.



Wed., June 22 Rode ... to the Goat River and then followed it upstream. Crossed a large open meadow, Stump Flats, very pretty with lots of daisies and quite a few old stumps, very tall. Stan says they used to think that the base of the tree was no good for lumber - prone to splitting and checking. A fire, long ago, had scorched the stumps. Skip and I crossed the river - I think we both had fun. It was fast flowing, cold, and it must have been up to Skip's belly. Quite a hot day. All of our horses drank lots along the way. Good views but hazy in the distance.

Thurs., June 23 Tried to get to the top of the Iron Range but was not successful. Joe and I saw our first wild turkey. It behaved somewhat like a partridge; it didn't go far and wasn't very worried!

Fri., June 24 Took a little ride across the road (Goat Mtn.) from Stan and Kandy's (with Kandy). Good views of Creston and Canyon. Trails were good - not too steep and nicely trimmed.

Mon., June 27 Rode the Iron Range. Marg and Kandy rode for two hours and returned. I took Joe and Skip (rode one in the a.m. and the other in the p.m.) ... got to the alpine meadows - very barren area. Magnificent view of Kitchener and #3 highway going east - an excellent panorama in all directions from the barrens. Marg and Kandy saw three wild turkeys and a baby (turkey) on their way back. I saw gophers ...



Wed., June 29 Rode Goat Mtn. again with Stan. Some beautiful bush to ride through. Had coffee at Joe Jacks' on the way home. (Joe trimmed most of the trails.)

Thurs., June 30 Moved (the outfit) to Goat River campsite at km 22. Rode to Kamma Creek - disappointing for both man and beast - trail consisted of recently improved road. Lots of mule deer (at camp) to entertain the boys. Marg walked halfway across the bridge (closer) to one before it left. "No-see-ems" are bad here!


Fri., July1 Went up Kiannuko Creek - a very pleasant trail. A mule deer walked toward us; then went around us. When Skip turned to see her better, she did a couple of "sproings". Marg rode 'til 11:15 and then ponied Joe back to camp. I took Skip on toward the upper end of the valley...climbed a lot, passed a bald (no vegetation) mountain on the left and crossed many streams flowing into the main valley. One tumbled down the steep mountainside and looked like a falls. Passed a talus slope on the right and got into an alpine meadow with scattered spruce trees. Dave Lougheed says we were really close to the cabin up there but I turned and headed for home before I saw it. On the way back down the valley, a bear cub crossed 20 ft. in front of me. I was off Skip at the time! Paused a short time after for a rest in an open meadow filled with several dozen large, blackened stumps. Skip very worried for a few minutes; then I realized he probably thought the stumps were a herd of black bears! He soon settled and ate the lush grass while I sat and watched the clouds roll by. A very good ride.

Sat., July 2 Up at 6:00 to break camp and head for the Yahk River area.